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Get 25 BFEX Tokens for joining in telegram. Price 1 BFEX = 0.5 USD. ICOBench rating 4.1

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  • 1. Go to airdrop
  • 2. Follow on Twitter, Retweet Latest Post
  • 3. Complete form and submit.

ICOBench Rating: 4.1


BFEX is a futuristic platform intending to become a bank for the un-bankable, giving back the power to the people whom it belongs to. What distinguishes our platform is that we have developed the 'Decentralized Social Trust Credit Scoring'. We believe in a world where people have equal access to financial resources, with the helping hands of the privileged groups. This is why BFEX was established. We create a platform which serves as a bridge between the privileged and the opposite side of the society. We're also making sure that our token utility will be sustainable, as we focus sustainable growth over profit, by launching the BPAY application. BPAY application provides a payment solution, allowing users to pay for goods and services from BFEX business partners across the globe.

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Estimated Value: 1 BFEX = 0.5 USD

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