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Mirackle TELE ( TELE )

Create an account on the website to Get 100TELE Tokens.

How to join?

Airdrop 1 (100 TELE Tokens)

  • Go To Airdrop 
  • Verify email address
  • When you go to dashboard 100 TELE will be on the account. 
  • Go To Tokens -> Stack to earn biweekly token holder rewards!

Airdrop 2 (20 TELE Tokens)

Airdrop 3 (100 TELE Tokens)

  • Make a post, article, or video about Miracle Tele and its benefits in at least one of these social networks. Remember that your post must have at least 200 characters and your video must be at least 3 minutes long. Please include the link to our website ( to the post and provide the direct link to your post after publishing it.
  • Send the post or video link here

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Estimated Value: $12 + Referral + Stake reward

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